The Journey of Digital Innovation

The Journey of Digital Innovation
Charles Darwin once said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Technology is transforming the way we live and work at an ever-increasing pace, It’s the engine of human progress, an engine of change creating a world where everything is connected, a source of greater data and insight.
Modern technology has greatly improved our lives, and we are using it today in ways that we never dreamed possible. Businesses that embrace change can transform entire industries, and every organization today faces an imperative to change or risk becoming obsolete. Now is the time to embrace digital transformation, incorporating new and better ways of interacting with and serving customers, creating a more frictionless and seamless experience

Today’s successful achievement is defined by the pace of innovation and the creation of substantial business value. DETASAD has embraced emerging technologies and built a portfolio that emphasizes innovation. As a result of Digital Transformation, companies have massive opportunities to adapt, disrupt, and innovate in which DETASAD plays a key role in helping companies to adopt these new digital trends.
One of the proven strategic reasons to choose DETASAD’ Innovative Solutions: DETASAD is a committed enabler of #Vision2030, driven by #MadeInSaudi strategic objectives for both the local and international markets, in addition to the first Saudi cloud exporter company. DETASAD is a leading end-to-end solutions provider supporting the full Digital Transformation and Innovation journey and consists of a fully integrated seamless portfolio: Data Center, Public and Private Cloud, Cybersecurity, VSAT & Connectivity, IoT & AI, Smart Infrastructure, NOC, SOC, Humanoid Robotics, Managed Services, and Professional Services.
Our lives are already augmented and assisted by artificial intelligence on a daily basis, and we are incorporating it into our strategic decision-making at work to deliver significant business value. AI is becoming inevitable and will be a crucial technology to secure a better life, better health, better prosperity, and better future for all the generations to come, in order to break the boundaries in exploring space and most importantly to sustain and maintain the existence of the human species in the long run.
With the power of Next Gen IOT & AI, DETASAD ushered in a new wave of digital changes that include a Smart Building Management System, Innovative Facility Management, Robotics AI, Smart Vision & Augmented Reality, Smart Sensors, and Asset Management. We unleash limitless possibilities with AI on the edge.

Blog written by: Wahib Farah
VP of Sales at DETASAD



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