Managed Services DataBase

DETASAD performs management of the Customer Databases. The service includes:


Service Prerequisites:
  • Advanced Monitoring of Server and OS (Refer to Proactive Monitoring Service for more details)
  • Management of Operating Systems
  • Database Monitoring (Refer to Proactive Monitoring Service for more details)
  • DB support and maintenance contract(s) if applicable (can be quoted by DETASAD)


Investigating and troubleshooting incidents related to the DB
  • Design modifications
  • Management of Operating Systems
  • Upgrades and migration
  • Vendor support and maintenance contract


Taking corrective measures on alarms that arise from the monitoring system related to the DB. Such corrective measures may include performing configuration changes and applying patches


Engaging and following up with the DB vendor(s) as required


Optional Features: (charged separately on a quotation basis)


Operations review with customer


Standard Database Systems: (exact versions to be assessed on a case by case)


Obtaining and implementing DB security patches as applicable per DETASAD’s assessment and standard operating procedures and vendor recommendations, and in coordination with the customer

Database Monitoring

DETASAD provides proactive monitoring for customer supported and databases and notifies customer about any incidents. Database Monitoring can only offer on top of Advanced Monitoring, up to 5 monitors per monitored application or database:


Database processes


Database response time


Other monitoring points as applicable


24x7x365 monitoring


Proactive notification of service interruptions



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