DETASAD Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Empowering companies with Intelligent Data Analytics, provide insights and drive decisions by offering differentiated customer service and creating competitive advantage.

Service Description

Through DETASAD Artificial Intelligence Solutions and its integrated Machine Learning (ML), companies can enhance the use of data, analyze the data, and explain the insights and build business dashboards. Artificial Intelligence attempts to disrupt the analytics industry and addresses the shortage of data science talent by leading data scientists and less-skilled people to be more productive.

Service Features

Communicates with intelligent systems using the natural language
Accelerates data sourcing and preparation
Helps to harmonize the data analytics through Artificial Intelligence
Enables adoption of actionable insights
Improves the automation of Insights and ML data modeling

Service Benefits

Enabled search by typing or voice command to talk to your AI processing compute
Businesses will be able to source and clean the data in less time
Makes it easy for business users to extract complex insights
Enables data-driven decision making and increases adoption across company transforming data/reports into simple charts
Uses repeatable ML queries to automate certain types of analyses

Added value of DETASAD Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Ensures providing advanced data management with a differentiated customer experience that oversees customer information & generates business insights for all stakeholders across different units regardless of their background.

Who Benefits From this Service?

Government and business customers in different sizes and segments who are looking for the power of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to achieve their business objectives.
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