VSAT Satellite Internet Service in Saudi Arabia

DETASAD VSAT Service is offering a range of operator independent terrestrial and satellite IT Communication Services, internet and connectivity solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Cost efficient carrier neutral terrestrial connectivity solutions


Satellite connectivity for voice and data


Dedicated or shared bandwidth solutions


Carrier and geography redundant link options ensuring the highest service


Dedicated or Shared Data Connectivity and Internet Access at any location within KSA


Corporate Network Analysis (Traffic Flow, Application Profiles, Load/Congestions)


Network Optimization (Data Compression, QoS, Access Policies)


Homogeneous solutions for all your business communications (voice, fax, video, or data exchange)


Supply, installation, and operation of active and passive connectivity equipment


DETASAD owned teleports in the KSA for satellite services


Virtual zero latency for application response time optimization


Flexible financial options and CAPEX/ OPEX structure


Flexible network and satellite topologies


Gateway connections to terrestrial or other networks


Hybrid satellite/ VSAT and 4G connectivity for high-reliability cost efficient bandwidth

VSAT Introduction

DETASAD was awarded VSAT license in 2004 as one of the pioneer operators for the first time in KSA. After 15 years since the inception and as one of the leaders in VSAT business in the Saudi market, DETASAD has successfully

served dynamic requirements of the connectivity and applications of various market segments from banking to oil and gas to government sector through its state-of-the-art teleports facilities. DETASAD established a long-term business relationship as a trusted partner to provide VSAT communication services in KSA.

With 38 maintenance centers across Saudi Arabia and unique managed services like Managed Router Services “MRS” up to Managed Application level, DETASAD enjoys a unique and solid positioning in the market due to its expertise in the technology, project management, and business acumen.

Complete Installation Packages

DETASAD provides complete installation packages which include:
  • Site surveys
  • Engineering, pre-installation coordination
  • System/application review, installation, testing and commissioning of the integrated satellite systems



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