A Satellite Revolution

A #SaudiMade, International Patent Solutions and a breakthrough IoT technology that will revolutionize satellite companies’ services: this disruptive service evolution features an unprecedented combination of AI/Machine Learning, Cloud Networking, Ground System, and Satellite Bandwidth. By using Artificial Intelligence to manage data sovereignty to manage the system of connect, IoT applications and making cloud services viable across satellite networks independent if you’re talking GEO/LEO or other applications.

VSAT Challenges / Myths

  Fixed Bandwidth
  Fixed “Nailed up” connection teleport ➔ Transponder ➔ Terminal
  Latency makes real-time impossible
  Inconsistent reliability e.g. Inclement Weather
  High operation/maintenance cost
  Local licensing regime Vs. Volume purchasing
  Not suitable for high data volumes
  Expensive / Cost prohibitive
  Complex system for users / Operation
  “System of Connecting” non-compliant
  Not suitable for high performance compute & cloud apps

Current Trends & innovation

  HTS – High Throughput Satellite
  Panel Technology
  SW Defined Satellites

Challenges to be addressed

  CAPEX For Operators
  Concentrator Power to Less Operator
  System Of Connect
  Complexity For Operator Increases
  Latency & Cost Per MB

DBO Advantages

  Output driven bandwidth service: Guaranteed QOS – Mbps and On-Demand throughput
  Real-time or scheduled
  Provides end-user self-provisioning facility for unforeseen peak demand
  Throughput pricing bundles Mbps based on bandwidth / Schedule / Peak-off peak
  Bandwidth “Pattern” packages e.g., 5 MBPS 24/7 — 50 MBPS 10 hours a month schedule
  Provides 100% Pay-as-you-Go on-site, low latency IoT, cloud and compute services with traffic prioritization for Industry 4.0, Finance, Education, Health, Mining, and other sectors
  Create new revenue streams, improved user experience and cost optimization for VSAT operators
“System of Connect” Management = Managed Data Sovereignty
  “Managed Equipment license & Capacity” for VSAT / Telecom operators & Users: Firewall…
Network-wide managed SD-WAN with pooled throughput automatically / semi-automatically allocated
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