Fleet Management Solutions

DETASAD Fleet Management Solutions

DETASAD Fleet Management Solutions provides your business with tools and reports that helps maximize efficiency of the vehicles by monitor, manage, track behaviors and activities of the vehicle driver’s data. DETASAD Fleet Solutions will provide you with a real time view of vehicles location, driver details, speed, stops, driving violations and history of the cars along with analytics supporting tools.

Boost your fleet performance and reduce operational cost by using DETASAD Fleet Management System for all types of vehicles you own regardless of its size and model.

Service Features 

Fleet Management Solutions  Online monitoring and management of your fleet and fleet’s drivers
Fleet Management Solutions  Website and mobile application advanced analytics tools
Fleet Management Solutions  Customized reporting and dashboards per day, week or month
Fleet Management Solutions  Provides history of the vehicles: drivers, speed, stops, mileage, fuel consumption
Fleet Management Solutions  Provides history of the vehicles: insurance, service, spare parts, accident
Fleet Management Solutions  The solution hosted locally in a top tier DETASAD certified Data Center
Fleet Management Solutions  Use of the latest technology and updates in our secured environment
Fleet Management Solutions  The solution is scalable, flexible and can be customized to your business needs
Fleet Management Solutions  Wide range of service centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Service Benefits

Fleet Solutions  Ready-made solution available for your business upon request
Fleet Solutions  Allow your team focusing on the company core business
Fleet Solutions  Meet with different regulations related to your industry
Fleet Solutions  Reduce operational cost and vehicle management effort
Fleet Solutions  Improve productivity and enhance safety of the vehicle’s drivers
Fleet Solutions  Easily upgrade, downgrade and additions of new services
Fleet Solutions  Improve driver behavior and safety
Fleet Solutions  Plan for a preventive maintenance
Fleet Solutions  Implement a better route planning and task assignment
Fleet Solutions  Professional team to support you with design, upgrade and migration of existing setup

Added Value of DETASAD Fleet Management Solutions 

It is converting your Capex to Opex through the provided service packages tailored to your business needs with the latest technology environment and advance analytic tools.
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