DETASAD Solar Surveillance Solutions

DETASAD’s provided Solar Powered Surveillance Systems have been specifically designed, tested and developed in response to the challenge of delivering high quality CCTV surveillance service, wireless networks and satellite communications in challenging and hostile locations, such as oil fields, international borders, construction sites and highways traffic and security monitoring. Typically, such environments lack fixed buildings, power and connectivity, it is integral that the systems have been designed to be completely standalone, easily transportable and rapidly deployed.

Solution Features

The solution provides you with security, surveillance and coverage immediate requirement
Off-grid security solution capable of delivering 24/7 CCTV powered entirely by renewable solar energy
Full solution in one unit including of cameras, NVR, storage and network requirement
Anti-theft and vandalism measures: built in GPS, concealed hinges, fully enclosed, ruggedized and lockable cabinet with IP66 rating, anti-vandal collar – option to add sensors
Durable engineered, built to last and unit is 99% recyclable
3G/4G and satellite Communication equipment optional as per the needs
Online monitoring and management of your assets in the remote sites
Website and mobile application advanced analytics tools for camera systems
NOC services to provide a customized reporting and dashboards per day, week or month
The solution fully supported by DETASAD certified engineers
Use of the latest technology and updates in the secured environment
The solution is scalable, flexible and can be customized to your business needs
Wide range of service centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Available to lease, purchase and hire purchase
Installed and operational in under one hour upon arriving the site

Solution Benefits

Ready-made solution available for your business upon request
Allow your team focusing on the company core business
Meet with different regulations related to your industry
Reduce operational cost and onsite management efforts
The only solar generator on the market capable of operating on 100% solar energy all year
Improve productivity and enhance safety of your assets on remote sites
Easily additions and integration of new services based on sites requirement
Rapidly deployable, plug and play – deploy the ARC anywhere with a 3/4G signal or satellite connectivity to transmit the data and video streaming back to a central server, mobile phone or send alerts to any user or cloud-based storage on alarm
High encryption levels for top level security projects
Professional team to support you with solution design and migrate of existing setup

Added value of DETASAD Solar Surveillance Solutions

It is solving your challenges of delivering high quality CCTV surveillance, wireless networks and satellite communications hostile locations through the provided service packages tailored to your business needs with latest technology environment and advanced analytical tools.

Who Benefits From this Solution?

Government and business customers in different segments with different sizes, especially in the oil & gas field, construction sites, special events, defense and military sites, roads and rural areas.
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