Create, develop, and launch your business applications on flexible and secure computing resources on the cloud.


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DETASAD Elastic Compute Server (ECS) is a cloud service that helps you to deploy highly available, performance optimized, and solid secure applications infrastructure resources.

DETASAD ECS cloud services will provide you on the fly scalability for your business applications through a simple interface. DETASAD ECS will be safe you the time to spin you compute resources ready for your applications.


Enterprise Level Security

DETASAD ECS is designed to meet the highly intensive security metrics and compliances. ECS security features protect you from computing resources from the most advanced security breaches and threats.

Highly Available

Your business applications protected against hardware failure through high available design protecting your workload from partial or major failures.

On-Demand Elasticity

Scale your workload up and down, east, and west easily and rapidly. No more hardware borders to stick with the increase you computing resources on the fly.

Flexible Cloud Service

Choose what fits your business needs from DETASAD ECS flavors and images. Multiple (CPU, Memory, and Storage) choices and a wide range repository of operating systems ready to deploy images from Microsoft Windows to Linux distributions.

Disaster Recovery

Extend your business continuity across multiple regions inside KSA through DETASAD ECS disaster recovery solutions on redundant infrastructure design.

Use Cases

    • Websites Hosting
    • Applications
    • Databases
    • R&D and Testing



Orchestration & Management

    • Set up server Groups to organize, administer, and manage multiple servers as a single unit.
    • Server snapshots can be taken at scheduled intervals and let you to quickly revert a cloud server to a set point in time.
    • Create your baseline OS templates for cloud servers, including customized builds, software packages,security templates, or other components.

Security & Compliance

    • DETASAD ECS platform offers built-in “defence in depth” security.

High Availability and Performance

    • DETASAD ECS cloud infrastructure optimized across the stack for high performance – from premium hardware to custom performance enhancing technologies.
    • DETASAD ESC includes powerful built-in redundancy features that improve uptime – all included in the cost of your cloud servers.
    • Reinforce your solution with services such as standard or dedicated load balancing for maximum uptime.



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