Protect data on the cloud using Cloud Backup Services from DETASAD.


Today, data is the currency for any enterprise, and hence, data protection is one of the most important services needed for any business critical, business support workload. DETASAD Cloud (SAHABA) offering fully covers data protection aspect with multiple industries proven methodologies to assure customer data recovery. With many use cases as an offering, mentioned below, customers can use all or any to achieve their business goals. It could be remote office data protection or production running in the cloud as primary workload backup where customers can get backup monitoring & daily reports.


Volume Backup Service

Agentless volume backup service to protect a complete virtual machine and allow the customer to fully control its backup environment, DETASAD proudly presents this service to customers to leverage fast backup and recovery use cases.

Cloud Backup Storage

DETASAD provides the option to use Cloud Object Storage as a destination to keep data protected & stored on Cloud Storage with an unmatched storage availability.

Backup & Archive to Cloud

DETASAD offers its customers to sync on-prem backup to Cloud Backup Storage as long term or offsite backup use case. Services compatible with Rubrik, Veeam, Veritas, Dell, Commvault.

Managed Backup

This service allows the customers to meet business RPO by integrating application and database consistent backup using an agent.


    • Multiple levels of protection from backing up locally to disk, off-site digital vaulting to a different DETASAD Data Center, and long-term vaulting options to tape media. Data Protect Backup can be deployed to support environments in Managed Hosting, Dedicated Cloud, and Colocation.
    • The service protects client data from mistakes, disasters, and everything in between, helping meet data backup compliance requirements with a simple, secure solution. Data Protect Backup also eliminates the expense of purchasing and managing infrastructure, assists in reducing exposure to outages by providing local disk-based restores, and helps the meet industry or business regulations with long-term tape archiving.
    • Enterprise-grade restores from disk to meet today’s short restoration timeframes.
    • Digital off-site vaulting allows clients to vault their backups to disk at a discrete DETASAD Data Center to protect from primary site disaster.
    • Data de-duplication using the latest technology to reduce the overall amount of data being protected and transferred.




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