DETASAD’s Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a cloud-based service which proactively monitors customer’s traffic patterns and provides 24/7 remote management, auto-detection, and risk mitigation against DDoS attacks from world-class scrubbing centers. DETASAD’s Anti-DDoS Technology Partner has developed a new model for rapid DDoS Mitigation through the automatic analysis of DDoS alerts and deployment of routing commands to ensure immediate action taken when legitimate DDoS attacks are detected.

  DETASAD Anti-DDoS is a mandatory service that gets automatically enabled once a Public IP assigned to an instance. It assures that DETASAD Cloud (SAHABA) services don’t give any room to compromise your environment’s security. DETASAD Anti DDoS service eliminates the operational expenses of identifying the problem, and dealing with it and moving services back on-line. Leveraging DETASAD’s Anti-DDoS Technology Partner’s world-class scrubbing farms, the service detects, routes, and mitigates volumetric Layer 3/4 DDoS attacks within few minutes, without any human intervention.


Focus on your main business and be shielded from day-to-day infrastructure concerns and risks.

Start immediately rather than build and manage your solution.

Service reliability and attack mitigation included in the solution.

Customers can implement a robust Anti-DDoS service without investing in expensive hardware or professional services.



Provides anomaly detection, packet scrubbing, traffic analysis, and trap alerts


Mitigation of high-volume traffic


For your specific Public IP, the details of the anomalies can be provided upon request


Rapid deployment and ease of management



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