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Your enterprise faces a complex security landscape with new attack types and threat vectors emerging every day. There also is a myriad of regulatory requirements to satisfy, and you must prove compliance to auditors and senior leadership. Security teams too often are involved in managing disjointed security tools and chasing false positives to address more strategic issues. Coupled with budget constraints and how difficult it is to find, train, and retain staff with the right security expertise, it becomes quite clear that IT security groups are stretched too thin. Security professionals also want to enable their businesses to embrace new technologies like cloud and mobility solutions but find themselves unable to support these initiatives due to competing priorities. The threat landscape undergoes a constant transformation, and techniques and strategies from last year are not effective enough this year. Organizations choose to partner with DETASAD because we understand these challenges and provide a diverse portfolio of information security services that empower security teams to focus their resources where they make the most sense. DETASAD serves as an extension of your security team, filling in the gaps where needed to augment your capabilities and help you achieve your security objectives.


Protect against advancing threats

Real threat intelligence is an important component of all phases of DETASAD’s service delivery. Findings from our global threat visibility and Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research quickly applied to security device signatures and policies, black attacker lists, event correlation, threat analysis, and response procedures.

Do more with your resources

DETASAD enables you to extend your team with experienced experts from our Security Operations Team, Counter Threat Unit and Security and Risk Consulting teams to anticipate threats, manage events and respond to incidents when they do occur.

Enable-IT transformation

As information technology advances to deliver new efficiencies and business methods, your team must find a way to deliver them securely. Whether its cloud computing, social media, IT consumerization, or mobility, you need to understand the real risks and find a clear path to securing these new initiatives.

Simplify compliance

DETASAD helps enterprises make compliance a byproduct of their security program. Our experts are available when you need them and have experience in a wide variety of regulatory compliance frameworks, industry best practices, and developing effective internal controls. Our services simplify the compliance process, closing any gaps, and demonstrating compliance by automating reports for management, auditors, and examiners.



Firewall Monitoring

    • DETASAD provides 24x7x365 monitoring of your firewall and gateway appliance infrastructure.

Security Event Monitoring with Advanced Analytics

    • DETASAD’s Security Event Monitoring Service delivers real-time monitoring, correlation, and expert analysis of security event activity occurring in your environment.

Office 365 Monitoring

    • DETASAD provides the 24×7 visibility needed to enhance security so that you can transition your organization to Office 365 and the cloud with confidence. Robust data logging, monitoring, and reporting provide managerial oversight that can pinpoint security gaps and possible threats, but also offers actionable insight regarding performance management, change management, training, corporate governance, and project planning.

Log Management

    • Provided as a hassle-free service, DETASAD’s Log Management Service helps organizations satisfy security and compliance requirements for log collection, storage, and reporting without the management overhead and capital expense required for log management products.

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection Elite with Red CloakTM

    • DETASAD’s Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) Elite Red Cloak Service improves your security situational awareness by continuously monitoring your endpoints and gathering security telemetry to identify indicators of compromise, even when no malware is used.

Vulnerability Management Service

    • DETASAD’s Vulnerability Management Service, powered by Qualys, identifies exposures and weak spots in your environment by performing highly accurate external scanning and internal scanning across the network.

Vulnerability Monitoring and Prioritization

    • DETASAD’s Vulnerability Management and Prioritization Service, powered by the Kenna Security vulnerability threat management platform, correlate external internet breach and exploit data with vulnerability data to monitor, measure and prioritize vulnerability remediation across the client’s environment.

Incident Response Services

    • The DETASAD Incident Management and Digital Forensics Practice provides this capability and more. Our services targeted towards organizations ensure they have the right resources in place should a security breach occur. DETASAD’s Incident Response Retainer service guarantees the availability of Incident Response team resources to contain, mitigate and help you recover from a security breach.



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