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DETASAD firewall is the first line of defense for your DETASAD Cloud (SAHABA) based network and protects against malicious Internet traffic. Explore the capabilities and benefits of today’s intelligent firewall solutions by selecting a wide range of third-party firewall applications from DETASAD’s market-place. Keep your data secure with a firewall, deep-packet inspection, and routing services. Customize your firewall to connect networks within a data center, or across data centers, or let our experts manage it for you. DETASAD Servers are by default protected behind our multi-layered deep packet inspection firewall, fully-managed by our security experts, provides a powerful first line of defense against unauthorized traffic. DETASAD protects your business from DDoS attacks, malware, and other malicious online threats.


Dedicated Firewall

DETASAD Dedicated Firewall offers the convenience and affordability of comprehensive network protection from malware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, and more—before they enter your network—and without the complexity of building your security package. Take full advantage of high-speed connectivity, without compromising the protection needed to stop cyber attacks. (System Management – Allows you to focus on other tasks – Proactive Security Monitoring – We watch and respond to Internet attacks, so you don’t have to – Network Monitoring – We monitor the firewall to ensure your network stays connected to the Internet – Customized to Your Needs – You control the level of service that is right for you)

High Performance

Choose your dedicated virtual firewall from the variety of firewalls based on your throughput requirement. The virtual firewalls available on DETASAD Cloud (SAHABA) marketplace can support up to 9 Gbps estimated throughput for NGFW and up to 8 Gbps estimated throughput for SSL-VPN. (*Achievable performance in DETASAD Cloud (SAHABA) is based on instances used, features enabled, and underlying DETASAD Cloud (SAHABA) infrastructure.)

Protected Data Traffic

Every customer account receives one or more dedicated VLANs secured by zone-based cloud firewalls that protect customer traffic.


Intrusion Detection (IDS), and Prevention (IPS) Systems are provided by best-in-class virtual appliances.



Website/URL filtering (Content Filtering)


Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)


Malware Protection


Application Intelligence, Control, and Real-Time Visualization


Deep Packet Inspection of SSL Encrypted Sessions (DPI-SSL)


Virtual Private Networking (VPN) over SSL or IPSec


Option for Complete Redundancy



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