With our “defense in depth” approach, customer environments are protected by multiple security measures at every level – securing physical equipment, cloud resources, and customer data. Besides, an extensive permissions system extending to the group and individual VM levels ensure only authorized users can access and alter systems. And we’ve worked with the leading IT auditing firms to ensure our systems are ready to support most global organization.


Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall
Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud
Directory Service Directory Service
Endpoint Protection Endpoint Protection
Encryption Encryption

Account Security

    • We provide customers with role-based access to their cloud environments. Users access the Control Portal with a username and password. All actions performed by users through the Control Portal — such as provisioning servers, adding public IP addresses and powering-on a server — are logged and auditable.

Network Security

    • DETASAD establishes a robust digital perimeter around your cloud environment. Access to customer servers can only be done via a certificate-based VPN connection unless specific public ports have been explicitly opened up by the customer.
    • Customer environments on DETASAD are protected by a series of redundant stateful firewalls employing Unified Threat Management (UTM) technology. Each customer service runs on its private VLAN, and each virtual machine isolated with zone-based firewalls. Customers can also use secure connections such as Persistent\User VPN, Direct Connection, or MPLS.
    • Data Center Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Protection System (IDS) attack detection and prevention feature incoming screen traffic for potential attacks. This protection is available for data center-wide.
    • In addition to real-time monitoring and NOC support, we perform vulnerability scans upon request as a paid service task. Then, you can choose to work with us as part of a paid engagement to mitigate any vulnerabilities or act on their own. To make sure that cloud servers regularly protected with the latest operating system patches, DETASAD offers managed operating system capabilities that keep customer machines up-to-date with vendor updates.
    • Aside from known threats, we are always preparing to protect against ZERO-day attacks.

Physical Security

    • Each DETASAD data center housed within private, caged enclosures. Entry to the data center premises requires an electronic proximity key card. Data center facilities are staffed 24x7x365 and monitored by cameras. An electronic proximity card control portal, biometric scan, and onsite data center personnel provide additional security inside the facility. Only DETASAD authorized staff is allowed access to the private cage enclosure, and they access physical hosts via two factor VPN authentications (SSH or RDP Access with local administrator/root account and password required). All access logged in both the control panel and the ticketing system.


    • DETASAD understands that compliance is essential. We offer a variety of solutions that adhere to the most stringent of compliance standards (ISO, PCI, CSA, and ISAE) even if your solution doesn’t require regulatory compliance at this time. DETASAD can scale with you and provide the protection and ease of mind when you do.

Security Patching

    • Servers need to be regularly patched to stay secure and remain compliant with the OS vendor requirements. This is particularly important for longstanding VMs that your business counts on to always be up and running without a hitch.
    • The machines need to be patched to adhere to their vulnerabilities and reduce the risk factor for both operating systems and third-party applications.



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